Angels Among Us

We did it! We got assigned our first foster kids! We’re on day three and we’re still alive! Exhausted, and a little bit cry-ey (that’s a word), but alive! I have so much to say about this but that isn’t what this post is about. This post is about YOU, friend.

We thought we would surely get older kids since we aren’t foster-to-adopt. We didn’t. Two little babies is what came through our door, one at a time, on two separate days. We were wholly unprepared. We donated all of our baby gear years ago in celebration of getting the heck out of that phase, yet here we stood, waist deep in little, helpless, beautiful humans who require super expensive equipment to survive, or is it super expensive equipment for the parents to survive? I get confused. Either way, we needed it all and we had none.

I took to social media and I made one post. One. That was all you guys needed. It is three days later and we want for nothing. The babies are more than comfortable in their new situation. Some of you have made deposits at my house multiple times. Some of you made your own posts on my behalf and drove around collecting from groups of angels willing to give to a stranger. A ton of you have given us encouragement and advice. Most of you have prayed for us and these sweet babies. There are tears as I write this.  Don’t you dare let the media tell you the state of our country, because countries are made of communities and if this (our) community has any fist in the fight, I’d say we’re doing quite alright.

From the bottom our hearts,

Thank you!

2 thoughts on “Angels Among Us

  1. Cathy and Been,
    God’s blessings and grace are all around you. He only wants us to ask, and you did. Y’all are doing exactly as God has told you to do. We love y’all and are definitely praying for y’all.
    Uncle Marty

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